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InterFace Chat Messenger is an Addon for the Open Source Web Browser

Latest Releases for Dooble Web Browser

InterFace Version 1.3.0 Released

InterFace Messenger

InterFace is a social network chat and messenger plugin for the open source web Browser based on lib-rs (c++ / Qt).

For Windows users the Installer includes both, Dooble and InterFace.

Linux Users have to use 2 Packages. Dooble and InterFace.


  • Forums: Create a Forum and Share your Blog with you Friends in the Messenger List.
  • Groupchat: Chat with all your friends online in an IRC like Group Chat.
  • Email Client: This open source social network include not only a messenger, but as well an email client.
  • File Transfer: Send your Friend a file within the chat. A transferfunction like in every messenger is integrated.
  • Chess Game: InterFace is also called the Social Network for Chess Clubs, as it allows to add friends into the messenger from the chess club and play with them chess. Do you want to start a "live" 1:1 Chess online? Just add your chess friend to this messenger list. With the social network function you easily can add new chess friends as friends from your friends.
  • Add Friends of Friends: InterFace Chat Messenger is one of the only messengers, which allow to add friends of friends. You can pick up one friend in the People Tab from your friends of friends and add her/him as well as you friend. No need to exchange a messenger ID.

How to play chess with a friend:

  1. Start Dooble Web Browser, higher than Version 1.26.1.
  2. Click Addons: Start InterFace Addon.
  3. Generate a Messenger-Profil with your Nickname.
  4. Send your InterFace-Messenger-Key to a Chess-Friend and add the InterFace-Messenger-ID of your Friend into your own Messenger (Exchange).
  5. Connect to each other within a minute.
  6. Click on the "+" Symbol at your friend to show the connection with the pipeline symbol: *Right* Mouseclick to see the context menu (shown for online friends).
  7. Click: Start Online Chess Game in this context menu.
  8. On the Chess Tab: Invite your online Friend for a Chess Game. The invited Friend always starts - with white. (Klick in the Image to enlarge it)

PS: Some further "tips":

  • You find your own Messenger ID in the button under the friendslist (Add Friend & Send my own Messenger-ID).
  • The "People" Tab allows to add more friends with right mouseclick, so the whole chess club could online with you soon... Today dont look on a wooden chess plate, both look to each other with a laptop in front and play chess over InterFace - InterFace allows to leave the chess club for home and continue to play in the evenings or at any time..
  • Forwarding a Port in the Firewall/Router helps to connect faster, if not forwarded, it might take a minute ot two for the initial handshake connection.
  • To Play Chess: Be sure to right click not on the friend, but on the connection pipeline under your friends name to use this connection (your friend can have several connections, e.g. one to his mobile laptop and the other to his chess desktop at home - so decide with which device you want to start a game).